Head in the Clouds Ebook: Extract II

I have also started to miss rugby more in the last few weeks. I don’t know why?

Working full-time is certainly very different to playing rugby. I have done a full-time job before when I was a science teacher at a secondary school. But, like most things, when you get out of the habit, whatever you do next becomes the norm.

It makes you realise how privileged a life being a rugby player is. Even the little things like trying to get an injection at the doctors becomes an episode in master planning. There is just no time.

Sometimes, I look back at what has happened and it is almost like it is not actually me living that life. Things like this always happen to other people don’t they? You hear of it happening to other people and have sympathy - but not you.

I played it down at the time that it happened because there was so much press about concussion in rugby that I didn’t want to be seen as jumping on the bandwagon. But it’s okay to ask for help. I get that now.

I have a small bleed on my brain but I am okay most of the time. Some mornings I wake up wondering if it really did happen. Have I actually got a brain injury?

I still see stars every now and then but if I don’t over exert myself, I’m okay.

Maybe I could play again one day?

Don’t be stupid Jacko.

We’ve been through this before.

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