Bang on Head Leaves George Seeing Mowers

I struggle to sit around and do nothing when I am injured.

I have had a few spells out of the game during my career. The longest one was about five months and, thankfully, that was mainly during the off season.

I have been out of action for a couple of weeks at the moment after a bang to the head against Newcastle and, by week two, I was getting really itchy feet being so unproductive.

When you are lifting weights, learning lineout calls and developing new ones, you feel like you are achieving something.

Only I am not at the minute.

So I decided to do what every bloke should do once in a while and ventured out to the garage for a clear out.

When my wife and I arrived up here in Leicester last summer after moving from Wasps, we had our baby boy just two days after getting the keys to our new house.

As a result of the carnage that followed with a new mouth to feed and look after, all the boxes we brought up with us just stayed in the garage.

Over a year later, in I went to sort it out. It was like the black hole.

Days later, I was reacquainted with things I had not seen in ages. And, in some cases, I met things I never even knew I had.

I found a second lawn mower which was strange on two levels. Firstly because it is almost impossible to miss something like that being loaded on your removal van and secondly, because we never even had a garden when we lived in London!

My wife got into it too when my little boy was having his sleep. She’s become the master of EBay in the process and I am a little bit worried that I might switch the computer on one day soon and find everything we own up for sale.

We have also filled a fair few bags for charity.

With that project done and dusted, I will be either back on the pitch soon or looking for another one.

Now who needs their grass cutting?


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