Shock At Sven Goran Eriksson Sacking

There were a few people in Leicester this week pretty shocked to hear that the city’s football club had sacked manager Sven Goran Eriksson after just 13 games in charge.

There has barely been a quarter of the season gone and he is already looking for a new job.

In rugby terms that would be equivalent to a club sacking their manager now – after six league games.

I can never see that happening and I suppose we should all be grateful for the fact that I can never see rugby catching football up in this country in terms of popularity, interest and commercial revenue.

If the events at Leicester City represent the sort of outcome for managers and pressure involved for players alike, I hope rugby never gets like that.

It is always difficult for new managers or head coaches to come in and make things work immediately at a club. It takes time to get to know your players and to bring in the sort of players you want.

Many of the most successful managers in sport have been given time in their role to develop a squad in their own mould. I remember Alex Ferguson at Manchester United could have been sacked early on because results were not that great. The club stuck with him and the results have been there for all to see.

I think football managers also have it harder because they have to deal with an altogether different group of players. Of course, I am generalising but there is the perception that there are a lot more egos in football and some interesting characters, let’s say.

Those sort of players would not function in a rugby team. Because it is such a tough sport, it is absolutely vital that everyone in the team is pulling in the same direction and working as a team.

There is no place for egos or individuals.

Because of that, rugby head coaches rarely have to deal with someone who may be deemed bigger than the club.

And that is good for everyone involved.

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