Watching from the Terraces a Good Reminder

This time last year, I decided to go onto the Holland & Barratt Crumbie Stand Terracing at Leicester’s Welford Road to watch a game.

I had played a lot of rugby at the start of the season and was rested for an LV= Cup game.

Instead of watching it from the stand, I thought it would good to go and see the same view enjoyed by thousands of people every week.

And I wanted to remind myself what it was like to watch a game that my team was playing in without being completely involved and knowing the ins and outs of what was going on in intricate detail.

It was good fun and I ended up talking to quite a few people. I had been doing my corporate commitments and was hardly inconspicuous at 6’ 6” wearing a suit on the terracing.

It was refreshing to be around such passionate people who are so supportive of their club.

I enjoyed taking a step back. It’s always good to do something like that because you get a sense of what the supporters see and why they come back time and time again to watch.

As I have got older, I have learned to enjoy playing rugby much more too.

The pressure is still as great as it ever was but you learn to deal with the pressure a lot better.

When you are young, a game is just a whirlwind of moments and emotions. You don’t really see the wider picture. You play, celebrate or sulk, then come back next week for more of the same.

As I have got older, I have learned to appreciate how lucky I am to be playing the game I love.

I know I cannot go on playing for ever and so, while I am still fiercely competitive and desperate to win all of the time, I can also enjoy each game for what it is.

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