Boxing Good Grounding For Rugby

Unlike some of my colleagues who have always wanted to be rugby players, I never had that wish when I was younger.

I only started playing it around the age of 12 and soon had a growth spurt when I was 13. It was quite a big one.

Then I went down the route that many second rows go. I started on the wing, then went into the centres, then No.8 and then became a lock.

If you can find a second rower that has always played there, you are doing well.

I played football while I was growing up in Kingston like most kids but it was boxing that I really got into.

I had been doing karate for a while but it lacked the combat side of things that I was interested in.

My mum knew someone who owned a boxing gym. It was an adult-only one with no juniors allowed. But my mum pulled a few strings and I started going.

I often look back on those times and I firmly believe that those years gave me the firm grounding which has helped me stay in such good shape on the fitness front since I became a professional rugby player.

I trained hard, learned discipline and we even had a few fights internally as I grew older. We even had a few, let’s say, ‘unofficial’ bouts with the club down the road.

I loved it and my mates loved it too. We would stay up late at home and watch the big fights which, at that time, involved the likes of Chris Eubank, Nigel Benn and Joe Calzaghie.

I vividly remember one night watching the whole warm-up card on TV. Me and my mates got so excited that by the time the main bout came on, we completely missed it because we had wrapped pillows around our hands and were laying into each other!

I still hold out hope that I will get to see a world title fight in Vegas one day.

Until then, I will just have to make do with Tuesday training sessions at Leicester. Occasionally, they are not far off the real thing.

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