Use Video Before Ref Sees Red

I think there could be a valid argument for making video evidence available for referees when there is the possibility of red cards being issued.
The sendings off of Leicester’s Alesana Tuilagi and Northampton’s Tom Wood in our fantastic Aviva Premiership match were controversial to say the least.

There was so much going on in that melee that it must have been nigh-on impossible for the referee and his assistants to see everything that went on.

If they are going to make massive calls like bringing out red cards, they have to get it right.

If the referees are going to take the view that they are going to be hard on players and hand out red cards, instead of yellows, decisions that can change a game completely, why not help them out with a quick review of the incident on video?

It’s a tough one because you don’t want too many stops and starts - and the logistics of it would need to be worked on. But if punches are thrown and they are going to take a tough stance, why not help them make sure that the huge decision they may be about to make is unequivocally the right one?

I was speaking with my second row partner Louis Deacon after the Saints game in the changing room and we were saying how absolutely shattered we were.

Not only did the ball seem to be in play a hell of a lot but with both sides having just 14 men for most of the game, each one of us left out there had to do enough work to cover the missing player.

When the opposition have two guys like Chris Ashton and Ben Foden in their ranks, it makes it even more tiring covering the ground. It was a very open game as well with seven tries. No wonder we were blowing.

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