Winning the DIY League

I guarantee that the Leicester Tigers will finish at the top of one table this season.

There is no way in the world that any other club will have as much know-how as the Leicester boys when it comes to DIY.

There is quite a big group of us at the Tigers who have been doing a DIY course at Leicester College.

There is myself, Julian Salvi, Ed Slater, Ben Woods, Billy Twelvetrees, Kieran Brookes, Calum Green, Ben Pienaar, Tom Youngs and Mat Tait. A list of fine, able-bodied men that would strike fear into most construction sites!

Leicester Tigers lock George Skiginton warms up.

I have been interested in construction on the property side of things for a while. I have been dipping my toe in and out for a couple of months and thought it would be a good idea to learn something about it.

Not only to give me enough nous to take on a big project in the future but to help get things sorted around the house. They are life skills really. Putting skirting boards on, carpentry, putting locks on doors. You have to be brave enough to give it a go and it might save you £100 if you are any good at it.

The boys have been getting into it too. There has been some good banter and, at times, it has been like being back at school. It is amazing how immature a group of fully grown adults can be at times!

I liked the banter at school but I didn’t like the learning. This time, I really want to learn.

The other boys do as well and, as you would imagine, we are quite competitive.

Julian Salvi really wants to impress but Cal Green is like a machine when he gets going.

A few of the boys have already had a shocker at times though and Mat Tait’s recent muck-up was hilarious.

We were told to make a picture frame because they have the same angles as skirting boards but Tait’s was like something that should be donated to construction science as a complete one-off.

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