Family Reasons For Leaving Tigers

Family Reasons For Leaving Tigers

I always used to be suspicious of people who used the old “family reasons” line when leaving a club.

It seemed like a ruse to hide behind because they didn’t want to give out the real reason. It was an easy way out.

I take that all back now.

I love my life in Leicester but I always wanted to return to London eventually and myself and wife Rhiannon decided it was too good an offer to turn down when London Irish offered me the three-year deal which was announced this week.

As my boy Ray nears his second birthday, we have started thinking of play groups and schools.

We also wanted to take advantage of having family and friends nearby. I know London is not a million miles away but little things like having someone to look after Ray for an hour or so because you have to nip out somewhere, to the doctors or whatever, will mean a lot.

The little things in life matter - and even more so as you get a bit older.

Ray was just a couple of days old when we moved up here so to be a family around our extended family and friends is something we are looking forward to.

I am looking forward to playing with the Exiles too. They are ambitious and I have worked with head coach Toby Booth before with the Saxons.

They want to make the next step up and have some really good players but there is something of the unknown for me. An air of mystery perhaps and that makes it both interesting and exciting.

It will be tough leaving Leicester at the end of the season. I have grown to love the city, the friends we have made up here and the club – and that is a former Wasp talking!

From the minute I arrived up here, the players and coaching staff have been brilliant to me and my experience has been priceless on and off the pitch.

From my first few months of sticking post-it notes all over the house to try and remember all of the new line-out calls, to now, it’s been an amazing experience and I will always be proud to say that I have played for Leicester Tigers.

The set-up is superb, the atmosphere at Welford Road is something that can’t be recreated and, for me, the ground is the best in Europe. That huge new Caterpillar Stand opposite a Holland & Barrett Crumbie Stand with 130 years of history.

You know what you are getting with Leicester and I have got four months left at this wonderful club to try and go out on a high with a medal.

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Peter Skevington said...

31 January 2012 15:33,

As an ex second row (Gosforth RFC) long retired now, L have followed the career of my almost namesake with interest, Best of luck, the luck of the Irish, next season, another great club where I am sure that you will make your mark.

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