Final Match As A Tiger

Final Match As A Tiger

It’s now only a matter of hours until I play in the final of the Aviva Premiership in what will be my last ever game as a Leicester Tiger.

It’s been an honour to be part of this club so, as you can imagine, this could be an emotional day.

It is an amazing feeling to walk out at Twickenham with the blokes you have worked so hard with all year - and see 80,000 faces looking back at you.

Losing to Saracens last year was a bitter pill to swallow. It’s a horrible feeling to lose in those big games. The defeat is still with me to this day.

Losing is not fulfilling. You feel nothing and it can put a real dampener on things. I sulked last season.

The flipside of that is the relief and joy of winning, lifting that trophy and celebrating with your team mates and supporters.

We will all being doing whatever we can to make sure that the team and our supporters are feeling as happy as we want to be tonight.

We all prepare for big games in our own little ways and, last night, I did my usual trick of placing myself in self-imposed exile - as I do before most games away form home.

I have to admit that I am a bit of a mute before games and the lads all have a good laugh about it. I lock myself in my room and go into my own little world the night before a big game.

I watch telly. Any old rubbish will do. But last night I had my box set of The Wire to get through.

I have always been a bit like that. Lots of the boys socialise by going for a coffee or to the cinema the night before the game.

I turned down the cinema trip so often during my time here that the lads have just stopped asking me now.

They say I am a right old miserable devil.

We will have breakfast and a stretch of the legs this morning before making our way down to HQ from our hotel.

Then it’s one more match. One more 80 minutes left of my time at this wonderful club, surrounded by some fantastic people.

Here goes.....

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