Eve Of Premiership Final Preparations

Eve Of Premiership Final Preparations

I will either be on the team bus or about to get on it for the journey down to Twickenham when you read this.

Tales of the Leicester Tigers team bus from the past are brutal.

Battles for the back seat were literally that in the previous era.

I dare say that our director of rugby Richard Cockerill was involved in a few of them.

Those days are gone now but the Tigers team bus on trips like this one will still be a hive of activity.

On the back couple of rows will be the Samoans and the Argentines. They are usually found there with their headphones on chilling out to some tunes.

In front of them is the card school.

That’s where I will be, along with the usual suspects like Craig Newby, Scott Hamilton, Jordan Crane, Ed Slater, Rob Hawkins, James Grindal and deadly Steve Mafi.

Don’t be swayed by Steve’s ‘nice bloke’ exterior. He is like a silent assassin on the card table. He is the sort of bloke who pulls out a card to win a big round that you never knew he had.

In front of us are the young lads on their various hand-held consoles like Nintendos and PlayStations.

Don’t ask me what they are playing because I don’t have a clue. But they have found a way of linking them up so that they can play each other. George Ford is always at the front of that carry on.

It should be a more relaxed journey than it would be if we were going directly to a game. If that was the case, very few people talk to each other. We just get into our own world and prepare for the game.

But because we are going down to London the day before the game, we should be able to have a bit of a laugh.

By the time we get to our hotel, there is nothing left to do apart from try and relax before the moment we need to get ready for the game.

We have done all we can do in terms of training.

Now it’s just a case of getting a good night’s sleep and putting what we have planned into practice.

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