Living The Dream In McDonalds Brings Back A Laugh

Living The Dream In McDonalds Brings Back A Laugh

I finally laughed after the pain of defeat in the Aviva Premiership final in the unusual surroundings of a motorway McDonalds.

As you would imagine, I hadn’t been feeling great since Wayne Barnes blew the final whistle on Leicester’s 30-23 defeat by Harlequins at Twickenham.

I had been sitting in a cramped Ford Fiesta on the motorway that was full of ‘stuff’ as me and my family began our move from Leicester to London Irish.

I decided to stop off at McDonalds for some food on the way down and got served by a bloke who had, tattooed on his arm, the phrase: “Living The Dream”.

Something had either gone pretty wrong in his life somewhere along the line - or he has the ultimate in ironic tattoos!

I made me chuckle. The small things in life eh?

It had been a pretty rubbish feeling in the aftermath of defeat - and in the next few days as well.

We gave it everything and didn’t leave anything out on the pitch but we were just not at the races.

We never built any pressure, never got through our phases and made too many mistakes.

It was even harder to take considering how well we had been playing in the three months beforehand. I genuinely believe that nobody would have been able to live with us if we were on form.

Maybe we were doomed from the minute that the police wouldn’t let our bus into Twickenham, the way we should have gone in, and we had to travel all the way around the ground to do so.

We didn’t get in the ground until an hour before kick-off. Some of the boys were agitated and it was a real rush to get ready in the end. We were not 100 per cent calm at the start maybe.

Who knows whether that had an effect on us?

At least I felt that I had given it my all in my final game as a Tiger.

I was angry and frustrated afterwards. We had a few beers as a team but it was not the atmosphere we had hoped for as you would imagine.

I went back to Oval Park for the final time on the Monday. I picked up some things and said some goodbyes. I will miss the place and I will really miss the boys who have been a superb group of people to work with.

George Skivington is now playing for London Irish, find out about their preseason games on the London Irish club page.


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