Thanks For The Blast

Thanks For The Blast

It’s not really until you stop playing with a bunch of guys that you realise how much they mean to you.

As I enjoyed a final fling with the Leicester Tigers boys in a pub before packing up and leaving town, it suddenly dawned on me what I would be missing.

I am not normally a person who shows his emotions around blokes.

I tend to get my head down, get on with things and treat life in a very pragmatic manner – like lots of bloke do I imagine.

But in the wake of our Aviva Premiership Grand Final defeat by Harlequins, there were a lot of team mates who came up to me to wish me luck and say how good it was getting to know me and having me as a team mate over the past two years.

It was really nice to hear. And that, coupled with actually clearing out my stuff from the Tigers training ground at Oval Park, made me feel quite emotional.

I went to the pub with some of the boys that lived out my way and I had become close to during my time at Leicester.

It started with just the one or two but we ended up having a good old session.

Geordan Murphy and Toby Flood stood up and said a few words which they got some stick for at the time but, was really nice to hear, and I gave some thanks back.

Booze generally makes you say a few things you are thinking – but rarely does it make you say things you don’t mean.

I have loved my time here in Leicester, started a family and made some fantastic mates.

But it is the right time for me and my family to move on.

Thanks Leicester – it’s been a blast.


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