Irish At The Races

I thought Declan Danaher was just one of those typical false prophets when he first started talking about it.

A couple of days before a dozen of the London Irish squad went to the races, Dec was giving it the big ‘un.

“Listen to me fellas, you’ll be alright.”

You know the sort.

It was only until mid-way through the evening that I realised just how much he knew his stuff. And I mean really knew his stuff.

After that, I followed him around like a lap dog. He let me down big time once when the two horses I backed came in second-to-last  and third-to-last but that was a rarity.

By the end of the night, we had enjoyed a cracking laugh and I reckon I was 20 per cent up in my wallet.

I might pack it in now I am ahead.

The night was organised as a social and it was nice to see some of my new London Irish team mates away from the graft of pre-season.

It’s always unusual when you move clubs but it has been made a little easier here by the fact that there are so many new faces.

It really is a fresh start for the club and that includes the new coaching set-up too. They are working just as hard as we are at the minute to get ideas together.

It’s unlike anything I have known before. Wasps was obviously a settled club while I was there and enjoying good times - and Leicester saw little change in the time I was there.

We have got to all get to know each other here and devise a game plan that will no doubt evolve over time because everyone has their own ideas. There could be a lot of chopping and changing in pre-season.

But that makes it very exciting too. There are players coming from all over the shop and everyone is keen to build something that we can be proud of.

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