Bonus points giving London Irish satisfaction

George Skivington says bonus points in two games is result of lots of work by London Irish

It's far too early to say London Irish have finally clicked but we have certainly turned a corner.

Two bonus points wins in our last two games have given us a great deal of satisfaction after a tough start to the season.

We beat Northampton Saints by 39-17 in the Aviva Premiership and then we put 43 points on Bordeaux Begles in the Amlin Challenge Cup away in France.

Those results were the culmination of weeks and weeks of hard work.

There have been so many changes here at Irish during the summer that we only realised how tough a challenge was ahead of us when we got going.

The reality of pre-season was that we had four or five weeks to get everyone in place and singing off the same songsheet - that doesn't happen overnight.

We all had to buy into what we were trying to do and stick with it and that was a learning process from top to bottom.

In our first few games, we were good for a half and bad for a half. But when you are all trying to learn completely new sytems, the bad was really bad.

And as much as we kept telling ourselves that it will take time to gel, we were also aware that it was not good enough and you cannot afford to lose too many games or you face a real uphill mental and physical battle to get your self out of the mire.

It has been a steep learning curve for us all. It's been tough for the young lads but it has been tough for experienced campaigners like Ian Humphreys, Tomas O'Leary and myself because, at the same time that we need to be showing leadership, we are learning too.

Even guys like our defence coach Shaun Edwards, who has pretty much done it all and been hugely successful, has faced some serious challenges.

Not only has he been trying to build a new system with a completely new bunch of players, some of those players have not played at this level of rugby before.

The reality is that we are a new side and everything we knew or have learned beforehand has just been wiped away. It's a completely clean slate.

From a personal point of view, I am happy because I know, in my head, what we are going to be capable of when we get it right. I know what the coaches are trying to achieve.

That win over a Saints side that was Heineken Cup finalists only a couple of years ago, showed how good we can be.

It is up to us now to prove the last few weeks were not just flukes.

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