The team social is a vital part of a rugby club

The team social is a vital part of a rugby club

The team social is a vital part of every club.

We all work hard at what we do at training and on the pitch.

But the odd time that we get together away from the pitch is equally as important to socialise, have a laugh and forget about what is, at the end of the day, work, to us guys.

That can take the form of a few drinks around a table and some banter. I like that. At the risk of sounding like an old man, you can talk to each other and hear what each other is saying for starters!

Sometimes, a go-karting trip or a BBQ or something like that can be a good laugh too.

Whenever it is something competitive, the vast majority of guys usually treat it as a good laugh.

There are others, however, who would want to make sure they won a tiddly-winks competition.

A young George Skivington when he was at London Wasps

I remember one such event when I was at Wasps. I was only a young man back then in my very early 20s and it was when we trained at Queen’s Park Rangers facilities.

Somebody had organised a paintballing day - Wasps v QPR – 15 versus 15.

We all got up at Ridiculous O’Clock and assembled in this field for a day with boys’ toys.

Suddenly, former Wasps and British Lion winger Josh Lewsey turns up in a big army Jeep.

He calls the Wasps boys over and opens the boot to reveal all sorts of guns, grenades and artilliery for us to use on the day. It was incredible.

When he had got us all kitted out, it looked like we were going to war while the poor QPR lads looked like they had pea-shooters in comparison.

Josh didn’t stop there either. He gave us detailed instructions of how to go about our business when the battle started and, when it did get underway, he was screaming orders out at the top of his voice and we moved forward towards the football lads.


It was half scary, half hilarious!

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