Arrows Fly in Club Cup

I NEVER thought I would order myself a custom-made darts shirt, but then I never really expected darts fever to sweep the Gloucester squad.

Mike ‘TNT’ Tindall went to the recent final of the PDC World Championship, and sparked a club competition that has gripped the Kingsholm boys.

Tim ‘The Toolman’ Taylor put up a dartboard in the changing rooms at our Hartpury College training base, and downtime hasn’t been the same since.

Now we’re holding an inter-squad competition, and the final will be held in a local pub.

Everyone has had to dream up their own nickname, and every round apart from the final will be held at Hartpury.

There’s a lot of breaks between sessions, so there’s always some banter flying around, and the darts is just the latest ruse.

Even Will ‘The Squadfather’ James, who can generally find something to moan about, is loving it.

My competition identity is Jim ‘I Know You’re Stiff’ Hamilton, and I’m fixing to take out Olly ‘The Corpse’ Morgan in the next round.

My nickname stems from my laboured recovery after matches, while our dependable full-back Morgs’ skin is so pale it rejects the rays of the sun.

It’s the guys who look like they have spent too much time in the pub that are the ones to watch on the darts front – so that’s Tinds and Scott ‘The Tomato’ Lawson.

Brett ‘Rubber Lips’ Deacon thinks I’m going down against Morgs, but even though the boys will beg to differ, I’m pretty good at most sports.

Whatever happens on the field, and we’ve been frustrated plenty of times this season, it’s vital to keep enterprises like this going.

We’ve got a seriously close-knit bunch at Gloucester, with no egos or aloof big-time pros, and that’s absolutely vital to any success – it makes us work that much harder for each other.

Some of the nicknames are pretty explanatory, like Alex ‘Bristol Bomber’ Brown, but we’re still scratching our heads at Luke ‘Sheep’s Teeth’ Narraway…best not to ask I reckon.

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