Derby Fireworks Inevitable

It was inevitable there would be some derby day fireworks at Bath, but there was nothing premeditated about any of it.

The atmosphere ramped up, the players were pumped up – and it was only natural that something would happen as a result.

I don’t think anyone expected something so soon, but to be honest at least it was all dealt with early.

I was taken out off the ball and was frustrated about that, and then a short while later things just escalated.

The scuffle was inevitable, it was old-school and the game itself was a classic war of attrition.

The yellow card was what it was, but all in all it was a great experience to be a part of a winning side down at Bath again.

The game might not have been a rip-roarer for someone new to rugby, but for the purists I bet it made for intriguing watching.

It was very tough going, and with the Six Nations at the moment the schedule is pretty punishing.

But I wouldn’t have had it any other way last week – there were so many Gloucester fans at The Rec, and we could hear them making their presence felt from the pitch.

It was a massive confidence boost: it always is, but it never gets old, and we will never stop thanking them for all their efforts, they’re a special bunch.

I played for Scotland against Wales on the Sunday, then was straight back into Gloucester training on the Monday.

Not much breathing space – but you can’t expect anything else in a derby week.

A week back with the clubs probably did a lot of the Scotland players some good after that 27-13 defeat in Wales.

Losing is hard enough in isolation: add on the agony of actually playing pretty well and still coming up short, and the frustration is almost too much to bear.

People might not accept it but actually we’ve got a huge amount of belief in the Scotland camp.

France will probably underestimate us at Murrayfield on Sunday. It’s frustrating when teams take that attitude, but there’s only one way to change that: start winning.

This is the first time Murrayfield has sold out for a non-England game since 1994.

So we feel the responsibility to repay that very keenly.

Performances are all well and good, but it’s only wins that count now: we’ve just got to get over that line.

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