Parks One Of The Best Fly-Halves

If I had been resoundly booed by the whole of Murrayfield, I donÂ’t know if I could have recovered.

Once, the entire ground cheered when Dan Park was substituted... then booed when he came back on later in the same game.

ItÂ’s one thing to deal with mixed opinions, but IÂ’d never experienced a collective feeling like that before.

Parksy just shrugged it off and came back stronger – and all the while with a big smile on his face.

I canÂ’t think of a greater testament to the fine character of the man.

It is a real shame to see him retire from international rugby, but I would just like to give due plaudits to one of the best fly-halves IÂ’ve ever played with.

In his last seven Scotland matches he won five man-of-the-match awards.

But I think the way IÂ’ll always remember him is for nailing the winning penalty against Ireland in their final game at Croke Park.

He stepped up and slotted it straight down the middle, from the touchline, with just one minute left on the clock.

The Millennium Stadium is one of the greatest grounds in the world, itÂ’s a phenomenal place to play, and when the roof is closed the noise reverberates straight back at you - I can't wait to get down there this weekend for our second match in this year's Six Nations.

A lotÂ’s been said about our defeat to England last week, but everything was there apart from the finishing.

Dropped balls and botched two-on-ones are not good enough: we are professional rugby players and set far higher standards for ourselves.

But we still feel confident and good about ourselves, and I know that if we iron out the kinks then we can get back on track.

Wales are not just a good side anymore though, they are verging on great and they can cement themselves as one of the best teams in the world in this competition.

We fully understand the size of the task ahead of us – but we can’t wait.

The Six Nations is so hectic that you have to focus in entirely on the challenge.

But this week Scotland play on Sunday, so IÂ’ll get the chance to watch my club mates at Gloucester square up to Northampton in a massive Premiership clash.

IÂ’m right behind the lads and if they hit their stride it could be a great afternoon for the Cherry and Whites.

Good luck to the Kingsholm boys: hopefully this weekend I can watch one of my teams win while sitting in front of the TV, then help the other to victory from the front five.

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CPW said...

09 February 2012 15:24,

"But we still feel confident and good about ourselves, and I know that if we iron out the kinks then we can get back on track."

Credit has to go to Dan Parks, but the above comment is rubbish. When have scotland ever been "on track" in the last few years. They don't need to "iron out the kinks" they need to start re-building the track altogether. Get some youth in the team. They say if it aint broke dont fix it, well Scotland are certainly broke and definitely need fixing!

Bmg99 said...

08 February 2012 22:05,

Nice blog. It's great to see guys like you really back Dan up. It's one thing to disagree with the selection of a player for a team, but as supporters our job is to support and get behind the team. The booing of Dan is was shameful and reflects badly on the fans rather than Dan who has dealt with things with dignity.

Had the pleasure of watching him many times at Firhill, where both by his play and his organising the back, he orchestrated a win.

All the best for the weekend. I hope you have

Tight Head Fred said...

08 February 2012 21:15,

Whatever you think of Parks' play at the weekend it was more intelligent than O'Gara's play. 15 Seconds, need to score, you are kicking. What do you do?

NOT a normal long kick, giving away possession and allowing the other team to win.

Parks' mistake was partly forced on him and not a premeditated bit of criminal negligence. O'Gara's was.

Will Kennedy be so keen to bring on his genius fly-half replacement next time?

Got any comments then let us know.


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