Hands Up To Bad Game

The best leaders and motivators stand up in changing rooms in the build-up to matches and demand the highest standards of their team mates.

The best leaders and motivators then get out on the pitch and produce those standards themselves, backing up what they asked of others by offering the very same.

I try to take that kind of role at Gloucester, and I know when I demand certain things of others I have to deliver them too.

I demanded certain standards of my Gloucester team mates at Wasps, then failed to back that up in my own performance.

It was my worst showing in a Gloucester shirt, and I admit that I was pretty depressed afterwards.

I have been in changing rooms with mountains of men who have demanded the highest levels, then consistently shown how to produce that on the field.

I have also been in changing rooms with men who have demanded the best, then failed to back it up.

I won’t hide from the fact that I know which type of leader and man I respect.

Well against Wasps I did not produce much that I felt my team mates could respect, especially after what I was asking of them.

I don’t want this to come across as being all about me, I certainly don’t view it like that and am not feeling sorry for myself – I had a bad game and just want to hold my hands up for that.

I was given a week off after the Wasps game – it was my first since before the World Cup.

I didn’t feel I deserved it, but to be honest it has helped.

Normally I still train in breaks, but this time I didn’t do anything because I had a few niggles to heal and I was pretty shattered.

Maybe I pushed myself too hard during the Six Nations, trying to get back to Gloucester for games in between Scotland matches.

But I felt good at the time and was just keen to help Gloucester as much as possible.

The break has done me a lot of good now, and I’m just desperate to help Gloucester get back on track in what will be a very tough game against Newcastle on Saturday.

On a different note I discovered this week that I am more Scottish than my Gloucester team mate Alasdair Strokosch.

Strokes might have a thick Scottish accent, but he’s half-Scottish and half-German.

I am half-Scottish too, a quarter English and a quarter Chinese.

But we worked out that as I’m bigger than Strokes I’ve got more Scottish blood in me…it’s not something he received kindly, let’s just leave it at that!

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