Plan A, Plan B and now Plan C

Jim Hamilton is always a fighter for Gloucester, but now he not only has a plan, but 3.

Our new boss Nigel Davies has made a massive impression at Kingsholm.

In Saturday’s West Country derby against Bath we conceded a try after less than a minute, and found ourselves struggling at 10-0 down at half-time.

We were flat and we were caught cold.

There was no panic though – there never is with this team now.

And that’s because Nigel’s approach is rubbing off – he keeps calm, shoulders responsibility and gives us avenues out of potential problems.

We’ve got a Plan A, a Plan B and a Plan C now, so hopefully that means we can react to whatever situation arises on the field.

That’s exactly what we did on Saturday at Kingsholm, and we wound up winning 16-10.

Nigel said afterwards he felt he maybe should have pushed us harder in the week’s training.

That’s typical of his style, to take the responsibility on himself.

It’s definitely something we respect and appreciate – and I think it is paying dividend.

We played poorly in Saturday’s first half, but we still came back and won.

That’s really pleasing, and it’s a pleasure to captain this team at the moment.

We’re not firing on all cylinders but we’re getting results: so there’s no complaints from Kingshom right now.

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