The Perils of being an Analyst

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You’re probably thinking that the worst injury an analyst can pick up is a bit of eye-strain from staring at a computer screen, or maybe some RSI of the wrists from banging away at a keyboard. But you’d be wrong.

I’m currently recovering from a grade one tear to my posterior cruciate ligament and an operation to resecure my fibula bone after the bit attaching it to my lateral cruciate ligament pulled apart!

In my spare time and to keep my knowledge of the game up-to-date, I do a bit of coaching with East Grinstead. We were running some defensive drills and I foolishly decided to join the defensive line and show the players my top-notch ball-stealing technique.

Obviously, I pulled off a perfect turnover, but a couple of seconds later, was hit by a couple of props trying to clear out the ruck. My leg was stuck and next thing I knew my knee was in bits. It’s fair to say - it stung a little bit.

So, I’ve had the operation and am currently trying the patience of family and friends, as they have to take turns in dropping me off at work or at train stations as I’m in no fit state to drive. I’d forgotten the delights of public transport in this country!

Fortunately, although the logistics of getting to and from work are more complex, I’m able to download game footage from the Internet.

Like the other Premiership clubs, London Welsh subscribe to the Opta website which means I can download various views of all the games to enable me to do my analysis remotely and then email it around to the various coaches.

They have a vast array of matches on there and I can get hold of pretty much any game that has been televised or recorded in some shape or form.

That means work has been taken care of without too much trouble, but clearly my ability to schlep around the shops buying Christmas presents has been severely restricted.

So, I’ve spent even more time staring at my computer trying to buy all my gifts online!

Which reminds me…the worst present I’ve ever received was a ‘baldie’ flannel from a friend that he pointed out was for cleaning the top of my head now all my hair has disappeared. How sensitive!

I’m still waiting for the best present!

Merry Christmas from Living Rugby

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