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Learning breakdown skills with Russian wrestlers

Learning breakdown skills with Russian wrestlers

"Henry was lying on his back staring at the ceiling wondering what the hell had just happened"

With the 2013 RWC Sevens taking place in Russia Jon Shelbourne blogs about his previous rugby experience in the East, and some of the differences in culture.

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Player Profile

Jon Shelbourne

Name: Jonathan Shelbourne
Club: London Welsh
Role: Head of Performance Analysis
Years in the professional game: 4

What is your dream position on the field and why? 6 or Hooker, you get to make your tackles and stick your head where you
would not stick your feet.

Who is the hardest bloke you have ever played/worked with? Played Mike Philips, Worked with Chris Hala'ufia

Was your professional debut memorable or forgettable? Can’t remember, so by definition it would have to be the latter.

What are your redeeming features - physical? I have little regard for my body when at the bottom of a ruck

What are your redeeming traits - personality? I try to get on with everyone, and keep people entertained, often at my own

Best moment in rugby? London Irish v Munster (my first Heinekan cup game)

Worst moment in rugby? Going through a long losing streak at London Irish

Are you angry or a sulker in defeat? Both, some recent games have brought the worst in me.

Which rugby player do you admire most from past or present? Josh Kronfeld

Where was your best rugby-related night out? Just place and venue please? Limerick

Three things you like? 1) NFL 2) Films 3) Live music

Three things you hate? 1) Bad phone etiquette (talking to others while you talking to them on the phone 2) Poor table manners 3)People who eat with their mouth open!!!

Three things you want? 1) Sleep 2) To be successful at what I do 3) A winning lottery ticket

Three things you regret? 1) Giving up highboard diving 2) Eating sea slug (not recommended) 3) Not learning another language

Three things that need doing at home? 1) Getting the Dishwasher, Tumble Dryer and Toilet fixed 2) Teach my son not to leave his room before 6:30 on my day off 3) Wash the clothes in my washing basket (not my department)