Jordan Crane joined the crew enforcing

Jordan Crane in action for the Tigers.

The sense of team spirit and unity are essential to the success of Leicester Tigers.

It’s been that way for centuries. They call it “The Leicester Way” around these parts.

Over the decades, there have undoubtedly been those who have threatened that tight bond.

And there will have been those enforcers who had to make sure that anyone found attempting to disrupt that bond paid a heavy price.

A very heavy price.

Last season, we organised a team social where we were due to meet at a pub near the club's training ground.

It was just after the World Cup had ended and we saw it as a good chance to welcome those international boys back into the fold.

We all rocked up and were looking forward to a laugh when, all of a sudden, Toby Flood, Tom Croft, James Grindal and Matt Smith said they were leaving for a dinner party with their wives and girlfriends at Floody’s house.

We thought it was a wind-up at first but off they went, leaving us all behind.

The air was quickly filled with the foul stench of revenge.

Myself, George Skivington, Martin Castrogiovanni and Geordan Muprhy decided to hire a mini-bus and let Floody and Co know it was unacceptable. We were going to Castro and Geordy’s restaurant, Timo, later on that night anyway, so it seemed a good idea.

The sense of team spirit and unity are essential to the success of Leicester Tigers

Taking on the Tigers culture could mean paying a very heavy price

As we drove into Floody’s country retreat, we switched the lights off and crept around the back. There was 12 of us in all.

We burst though the back door and payback began.

George Skivington was charged with kidnapping Smithy and chucking him in the bus. The rest of us were charged with grabbing something and running off with it. It didn’t matter what. As long as it was something.

Scott Hamilton snared a wellington boot, someone got a rolling pin and Geoff Parling nicked off with the main course of the party – a roast pork which had just been served to the table.

The hosts were stunned.

But me and Castro grabbed the most valuable items of the night with a couple of bottles of wine that Floody claimed were £100 each.

I have to admit, I am not the person to clarify that claim, but safe to say, the man who previously owned them was not best pleased as we drove off into the night killing ourselves laughing.

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