Grounded good guy Tait

Jordan Crane knows what it is like to be on the sideline injured for a long time.

Lots of people know how good a rugby player Mathew Tait is.

With 38 England caps under his belt at a very young age, he has showcased his skills all over the world.

What lots of people may not know is what a top bloke he is too.

Mat has settled in really well at Leicester. To see him back out on the pitch after a groin injury which kept him out for 14 months is great for him and for all the boys here at Leicester who have always been right behind him.

He brings a lot of experience and he has already done so much in his career on the international stage.

You would expect someone who has done that at such an early stage to expect certain things on a plate or be a bit arrogant.

But he is so grounded and down to earth it is incredible.

Now he is back, there is so much expectation on him and everyone wants him to do well.

He is a such a good guy and everyone at the club is rooting for him.

He only played three times for us after joining from Sale before his injury struck him down.

I can speak from personal experience having missed all of last year with my knee reconstruction, that it is really tough being out for so long and he was out for ages before then with a shoulder injury as well.

That was frustrating for him and everyone at the club and, like me, I am sure he felt like a spare part at times.

When he started playing again the other week, I was nervous for him because I wanted him to be alright.

But I am delighted that he has come though his first few games, not only with regards to his body but for the fact that he is looking sharp and in good nick too.

If we can get Mat Tait back to the player he was in the first part of his career, it will feel like we have signed a world class player for Leicester, 18 months after he actually joined.

That sharpness won’t come overnight but he with the amount of top-class rugby he has played, he won’t forget what to do.

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Ben said...

29 November 2012 13:18,

It will be great for Leicester (and maybe England) if Tait can keep on improving and maybe offer internationally an option for outside centre that will be less "crash and smash" and rather show some pace and footwork. We know he can handle the physicality, so it's just a case of running into the kind of form that people take notice of.

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