Big tackle is You Tube sensation

At the time of writing, a total of 102,247 people have watched my Stag Do pool tackle on You Tube.

I like to think that makes it a ‘You Tube sensation’!


Since I got back to England from Tigers’ assistant coach Richard Blaze’s stag do, I have been asked a lot about it.

It’s basically a 30-second video of me tackling a mate of Blaze’s into a pool at our villa in Benalmadena in Spain.

The good thing was, I absolutely creamed him in this tackle. Someone has said on the comments below on You Tube that it was the “only tackle I made all season”!

Well, it certainly up there with one of the best.

I had the hump too and that’s why there was a bit of vigour in it.

I had arrived late in Benalmadena after grabbing a taxi straight from my stag do in Marbella!

I was hanging, had know idea where the villa was, and Blaze had lost his phone.

Thank goodness Matt Cornwell was there with his phone but even then, I got sent from pillar to post trying to find this place in the midday sun.

When I finally got there, everyone was asleep after a long first day so I took the opportunity to have a much-needed kip myself after my own stag.

I had only been asleep for an hour or so when everyone else woke up and started waking me up to. All I wanted to do was catch up on missed sleep but they were all getting larey.

I reluctantly went and joined them by the pool and, apart from Cornish and Blaze, I didn’t know any of the lads there. One of them started trying to get me to tackle him saying that it couldn’t be that hard to take.

He persisted and persisted and, eventually, I gave in. One of the lads switched the camera on and - bingo!

The lad's name I tackled was Greg. For the rest of the stag do he was called “Dead Greg” by all the lads!

Ironically, there were no ill effects of the tackle - but he broke his toe later on in the trip!

After two stag dos, a trip to Vegas with my fiancee Jess and a Blaze’s actual wedding, I think it’s fair to say that I have maximised my enjoyment during my off-time having won the league with Tigers at the end of May.

We are back at training now and I am glad to get back to it to be honest. The S&C staff at Leicester are brilliant and give us a gradual return to work to build up strength and fitness.

Jordan Crane knows you don't win trophies at the beginning of the season but is back in training with Tigers for the next season.

You don’t win trophies in the first two weeks of pre-season.

I am also happy to report that, even with stag dos and holidays this summer, I have not returned to work in as "full" a shape as our young prop Fraser Balmain.

We have had some new training kit and the site of Fraser in his new top was a vision I struggled to lose throughout the rest of the day!

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