Vegas hot tub to Oadby hot training

Vegas hot tub to Oadby hot training

A few weeks ago I was lounging around in Las Vegas with my fiancee, Jess.

We lived the high life, had a posh hotel, a big projector screen and a jacuzzi by the bed.

Vegas hotel rooms come with good entertainment systems

It was a week-and-a-half of living like rock stars.


Jordan Crane finds out how Vegas does bright lights brilliantly.

Who needs the seaside for a beach party? Not Vegas.

Now I find myself back at Tigers’ pre-season training at Oval Park in Oadby.

That is a serious slam back down to Earth.

They never want anyone too hard in the first few weeks and that is exactly the right way to go about things. I’m not just saying that to avoid the hard slog either, although, when I came in, I literally hadn’t run since the Premiership final!

The S&C guys have been doing this for ages and know that it’s all about getting us in good nick by the time the Premiership starts in September - not the first week in June.

We all feel like we are getting back into it now though by the the third or fourth week of pre-season.

As well as plenty of new faces in the squad, there’s also a new member of the coaching staff who is certainly not a new face.

Geordan Murphy had been around this place for what seems like, for ever, and with Matt O’Connor moving to Leinster, he has moved up from the playing side of things to become assistant backs coach behind Paul Burke.

He’s already been taking some good sessions and I am sure he will fit into the role with no problems at all.

He has built up so much knowledge of the game and tips of what to do and when, that he will just transfer that to the coaching side of things.

To be fair, he has probably already been coaching for much of last season when he was out injured and spent a good bit of time down on the sidelines during games passing on messages when necessary.

We will miss Matt because he was a big character, a top bloke and one of the best coaches I have ever worked with.

But his departure will give Geordy and Burkey a chance to make their mark on the side and put them in the shop window to show everyone what they can do.

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