Suspicious School Play Story Lands Prop in Trouble

A tall story about a school play lead to a severe punishment from the Leicester Tigers' kangaroo court for prop Tom Bristow.

Young prop Tom Bristow has been walking around the Leicester Tigers training base at Oval Park with one eyebrow recently.

It’s not a fashion statement either.

Poor old Tom got his just reward for fibbing to the social committee about his whereabouts on a team night out.

It wasn’t a big night mid-season. Just something that had been organized for the lads to spend a bit of time together away from rugby.

It was announced 10 days beforehand and anyone who couldn’t make it – for whatever reason – coughed up their mandatory £10 fine for not going.

Tom was one of those. But his excuse immediately aroused suspicion. He told us that he was “going to the theatre with his parents”. Without going into Tom’s character too much, let’s just say you would not put him down as the most artistic of props.

Anyway, the night out came and went but we started looking into Tom’s mysterious avoiding tactics. After more questioning, he said it was not a London West End show he went to, but a school play to see his cousin.

A school play on a Saturday night?

It was so far fetched that we got him to swear on his eyebrows that he was telling the truth.

He did.

Then we made him to tell us which school the supposed play has taken place at.

He did.

Only when we picked up the phone to call the school in question to ask them if there had been a play on at their school last Saturday night did he finally tell the truth – he had been on a date instead!

Unfortunately for Tom, we are men of our word here at Leicester so Ryan Lamb and Manu Tuilagi led the kangaroo court that led to Tom losing one of his eyebrows.

We had pity on the other one.

But he still looked hilarious.

On the pitch, we have four weeks that will define our season coming up to the New Year with a European double-header against Montpellier sandwiched inbetween two league games.

After our consecutive defeats by Wasps and Harlequins, the Tigers was a pretty dark place for a while. But two LV=Cup wins and the league win over a good London Irish side week has lifted everyone’s spirits.

We know how important this spell is going to be and we are ready for it.

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