Blues do Harlem shake

For those who aren’t aware, our gym and training facility is out at the Vale complex and we share a building with Cardiff City Football Club.

For those ex-season ticket holders at the Bluebirds like myself, that’s a real buzz and I quite often have a chat with the footie guys if we have any down time.

Now, you’ve probably seen a number of sports clubs around the world doing their version of the ‘Harlem Shake’.

Well, the boys at Cardiff Blues didn’t want to be left out, and when our marketing manager Gwydion suggested we film our own version, we jumped at the chance.

Our analyst, Rhodri, fancies himself as an amateur Steven Spielberg, so after a fitness session at our gym in the Vale, we set up the camera and spent about half an hour putting it together.

You can see the result for yourself.

In case you’re wondering who’s in the bear suit busting a few moves, well, that's No.8 Robin Copeland – showing his fancy footwork isn’t confined to the rugby field.

He’s not shy about throwing a few shapes, is Robin!

I’ve spoken to a few people who’ve seen it, and, like the first time I watched it, their eyes have been drawn to the guy in the Spiderman mask who isn’t letting any of the mayhem happening around him distract him from his role.

Which is, of course, to stare at the camera whilst bouncing up and down on a space-hopper – take a bow Andries Pretorious!

We had to have a few takes, as someone kept throwing in a Swiss ball from the side and hitting Robin in the head which was putting him off his stride.

To be fair, all the boys gave it their best shot and we had a real blast doing it. Even the quieter guys like Rhys Patchell, Matthew Screech and Will Griff-John really got into it. See if you can spot where I ended up.

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