Another catch up with England & Quins prop Joe Marler

Joe Marler amongst England squad colleagues at the Canterbury 1871 kit launch.

How have England approached the game against Australia?

We’re going to do the same as last week leading up to the Fiji game, concentrate very much on ourselves and what we are going to bring to the table.

Australia will come out firing I’m sure after the tough defeat in Paris.

This will be my first England Australia game and when I used to watch these games they were always big big games irrelevant of what happened in the past against other teams.

It’s a massive fixture and we’re looking forward to it.

Tom Young’s debuted last week, how did he do and did he feel like a hooker who had only played a dozen games at top level?

Tom felt like a committed hooker who had played their all his career.

A lot had been made in the week before Fiji by the press about his throwing in and how it was a bit dodgy. He came out of the game with 100% line out success.

He has a great work rate and is a good ball carrier too.

He really stood up to the test and it was great playing alongside him.

You are a young side now, do you ever think ahead to the 2015 Rugby World Cup?

It’s up to the management to think that far ahead.

Obviously it’s a dream of mine and I am sure it is of a lot of english rugby players.

If I did look ahead I might get lost in the moment and forget about the hear and now, so I tend to focus week by week. That’s just how I am.

What is it like when you are going to the ground to play and you see the fans in the same kit showing their support?

It’s great to have that sort of connection between us and the fans, all wearing the same sort of kit.

You know Stuart made a massive thing of the England connected and England is all slogan to make sure we are connected to grass roots rugby.

The Canterbury kits have been a good way for us to be reminded of that connection.

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