Catch up with England & Quins prop Joe Marler

Joe Marler and other England rugby stars wearing the new "1871" collection from Canterbury

Q. You wore the new Canterbury England shirts in a match for the first time last week, how did you find them in the front row?

A. The shirt is really comfy, not one that suffocates you.

In the front row most of us dread having to put on one of those skin tight shirts.

The Canterbury shirt is really comfortable and does the job we need them to do technically.

Technically, as a prop, it’s probably helpful in certain areas if shirts were longer to get better binds but it’s part and parcel of the game now.

If you get your bind high and get your bind around the bloke's back you don’t need anywhere special to bind on the shirt.

Q. As professional players you get issued with new kit, is it a big deal for the players to get new kit?

We are always excited about stash!

It’s a classic thing - we are always looking for the next bit of decent stash.

It’s still exciting when we get kit now, especially when it’s good quality like it is now.

We are at the launch of the 1871 range now (as he was being interviewed) doing the photos, so we are yet to get our hand so the casual stuff.

So far we have got a base layer and outdoor waterproofs - but I really want some of the casuals.

Q. Is there anything in particular you have got your eye on?

These old classic shirts Canterbury have done. I think my Dad would like one with the classic English rose on, but there’s a few things there I’d like.

Q. You are with England for a few weeks, how much attention do you pay to what is going on back at Harlequins and is it difficult to make the switch from club to country and vice versa?

A: When I am at the club, I’m very much focused on playing well for the club, performing for them. When I am with England, then England is my priority. When I return to the Stoop, it changes back again. Now the club is at the back of my mind.

Quins are in a good position in the league and the Heineken Cup and I am looking forward to getting back after these next few weeks.

It’s nice to have these changes in the season though, working with different people and new faces and then going back to the club.

It’s a long season but the change makes you feel like it’s different and you go back feeling fresh, not run down.

We have part two of our interview with Joe Marler coming soon, with his thoughts on playing Australia this weekend.

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