Introducing the Living Rugby Voltage Ranking

We're introducing the Living Rugby's Voltage Ranking.

Each week, we will be judging who is the most powerful team in the Premiership going into the week ahead.


That doesn't necessarily mean the team that is sitting atop the pile. It means the team that has the best feel-good factor about it, the team that is in-form, the team that other ckubs should fear the most.

We judge on recent results, injuries, signings and departures, the support of the crowd, the words of the coach.

Add it all up and we will give a definitive list 1 to 12 each week.

If your team is ranked No.1, they are hot.

If they are ranked No.12, the are not.

Read the fitrst set of rankings HERE.

Bath Rugby Banahan takes on the Tigers defence - Pic courtesy Pipelinedesigns

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