Interview with England 7s player Matt Turner

Matt Turner plays outside back for the England Rugby 7s team.

He spoke to us at Twickenham at the launch of the new shirt by Canterbury.

First we asked him to describe the colourful new kits.

"The home kit base colour is white but the triangles make a graphic rose on the front, and the shorts are white with white and red socks. The red is a proper red, not a maroon or pink like the last one.

"On the away kit, the base colour is black and then it's got a psychedelic graphic front, that's quite fun. The shorts and socks are black and there is a yellow trim."


Matt Turner [right] in the new England rugby 7s home kit; away kit centre

Q: Are there differences to the 15-a-side kit?

"In 7s, the kit is standard throughout. In fact the guys' and the girls' kit are exactly the same. We don't need extra grippy areas for people to bind on. We want a light comfortable kit because we are mostly playing in warm or hot conditions. Having said that, the next round of the IRB World Sevens Series is in Scotland and that is probably the coldest place we play all year!

"It's exciting to play there because now they have moved it from Edinburgh to Glasgow, we are playing in a smaller stadium and it is a lot closer to the crowd.

Q: There are two rounds left of the HSBC Sevens World Series, what do England want to achieve?

"The story of our season so far has been inconsistency within tournaments so we want to make the cut and get into the semi-final and final of each round. We go into every tournament wanting to get into at least the semis, that's our goal."

Q: What are you doing after the end of the Sevens World Series?

"This year we have the World Cup in June being held in Russia. Before that, there are two local European tournaments, one in Lyon in France and one in Manchester. They will be used for preparation for the World Cup."

Q: Are there any good stories from this season from within the squad?

"I have been out a lot this year because I broke my ankle so I have missed out on a lot of what has happened. After the season is over quite a few of the guys are getting married though."

Q: So will you go to exotic locations for the stag dos or, after all of the exotic places you visit, will it be closer to home?

"I think the boys keep it local because the boys are away a lot and the girls put up with that. I think after the season is over, they have to bite the bullet and realise they need to keep it low key and local."

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