Scottys break World Record - one more to go

Full complement of 44 players, before the attrition of 25 hours of rugby for ScottysRugby

The first World Record has fallen at Welford Road this morning. The match between Scottys Little Soldiers (aka @ScottysRugby) and HM Forces broke the record for the most points scored in a game of rugby.

The big prize is still there and that is the longest match of continuous rugby.

That will fall some time after 11:00 but the plan for tha match is to go to 25 hours, which will see them play until just after midday, about 12:15.

It is an amazing feat and at the moment the game is down to 14 a side. The rules stipulate maximum squad sizes of 22, but the match has been attritional and some players still on the pitch are doing well to walk.

It is no surprise given that the game started with as much power and contact as you might see at most rugby clubs for a league game match.

The players have been patched up and kept going by a team from Coventry University. They have provided massages and physio as well as there being several doctors attending.

The @ScottysRugby v HM Forces world record match took place at Welford Road

You can find out more on the Scotty's Little Soldiers page with links to their site, but even better, why not go down to Welford Road and support them this morning.

And if you cannot make it down to Welford road follow and tweet @ScottysRugby with your support.

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