Lamby is as good as there is in the Premiership

It has been good to see our new signing Ryan Lamb in a Leicester Tigers shirt because I think he is one of the most talented players in the Aviva Premiership.

When Lamby is at his best, he is easily as good as anyone else in the league in his position.

His two tries against Jersey at the weekend were smartly taken and got him off the mark at the club.

The Leicester environment is different to what he has been used to in recent years and I think being here will do his game the world of good.

He is really keen to win something and hopefully, he’ll have a good chance of doing that as part of the set-up at Leicester.

He could have gone to other clubs where he would have probably started every week but he chose to come here and fight for his place and that is a measure of the bloke. He doesn’t want stuff put on a plate for him. He wants to battle hard to get a reward.

He might get a lot of stick but he tries things in training that are incredible – and some of them come off too!


Anthony Allen (right) has had a positive impact on other players, and will be reunited with Lamb.

Anthony Allen (right) will be reunited with Lamb; they played together at Gloucester previously

I also think Lamby’s game will do wonders playing inside of Anthony Allen too. Those two played together for a long time in their early years at Gloucester and we all remember the sort of rugby they produced leading up to Gloucester’s appearance in the Premiership final. They ripped it up and they know each other and each other’s games very well.

I think Ant will act as a calming influence on Lamby and help him make the right decisions, just like he has done with Manu Tuilagi over the years.

If he can get himself in the right place, I honestly believe that Lamby can be challenging for a starting slot here.

But he won’t be the only one hoping to do that as another of our new signings is a fly-half with some serious talent.

Owen Williams has joined from the Scarlets this summer. He is young and raw - but he has good skills and has a massive boot on him.

With those two and Toby Flood, we have three fly-halves who I genuinely believe could start at most other clubs.

They all want to compete for a starting slot and that is very good for the club as a whole because they will be trying to stay at the top of their games.

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