Where They Stand After Round 7 (Part2)

Where They Stand After Round 7 (Part 2)

We can all admit there is no perfect way of looking at the performance of a team in one season compared to another. There are so many variables. No one model works. So looking at it from a couple of different angles can help. Here we look at the Aviva Premiership after 7 rounds of the 2014/15 season, and see how that compares to the same opposition at the same venue (home away) as last time.

Again lots of health warnings. This can mean a team meeting in round 4 this year met in round 22 last year (like the Welsh/Warriors home against Gloucester) and the dynamics are different. But it gives us a perspective, and one that compensates for the different teams played against if you do a straight first seven round comparison (like we did last post).

Where Aviva Premiership Clubs stand after 7 rounds, compared to the same fixtures in 2013/14

Comparing clubs this way the top three hold the same positions they did last season, as is the bottom placed team (London Welsh compared to Worcester Warriors).

The widest difference between their 2014/15 performance and 2013/14 is the Leicester Tigers’ who are four positions adrift from where they would stand on last years results.

Sale Sharks find themselves three positions lower in the rankings.

Gloucester find themselves the most improved team. They are 5 positions higher than last season, when on the same fixtures they would have been 10th.

Chew this over with lots of other information: injuries, signings, international duties.

If you have other perspectives on looking at the performance we'd like to hear from you.

Worth thinking about also is that RWC2015 will have happened this time next year; how to get Rugby World Cup tickets if you missed the ballot. If clubs can't cope with the regular Autumn International circus and injured players in key positions then next season could be an even tougher one, with more overseas players out than normal.

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