The Very Best of Rugby Union Apps

The Very Best of Rugby Union Apps

The world of apps has become a very competitive one of the last couple of years with all major media outlets seemingly releasing their apps on a myriad of different subjects. However, in the rugby world, there aren’t quite as many apps as in other sports such as football and motor racing, for instance. Which isn’t entirely a bad thing as there isn’t anything worse than having to trawl through a series of substandard apps to finally get to one that provides you with a good service.

There are currently about 27,000 sports-related apps in the App Store according to Statista as of this writing, and it’s a figure that experts predict will continue to rise quite dramatically in the next couple of years. Mobile gaming experts Gaming Realms, the developers behind PocketFruity add weight to the argument by saying that “mobile Internet is one of the most powerful trends on the Internet landscape.” And for app-starved rugby fans, this can only mean positive things, as the sport is a long way behind others in having the most innovative apps on the market.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some really useful apps out there right now. For news purposes, staple apps like the BBC Sport app will bring you all the domestic, European and international news and results straight to your mobile. As well as BBC Sport, the Sky Sports Centre app is without doubt the broadcasting station that via their app will deliver you the breaking news as it happens, as well as real-time play and updates in matches.

For other information, the RFU Official app covers English rugby as thoroughly as any app on the market, which isn’t completely surprising but it is definitely worth downloading. It also has an extensive database full of stats, and has live text commentary on all the games as they are being played.

One app that may have gone under the radar but is definitely worth perusing is IRB Laws of Rugby. We’ve all been stood on the terraces or in the pub next to a fan that clearly isn’t up to speed with rule changes. Well, this is the ideal app to point out their mistakes and try and educate them, if you dare.

And well, that’s about it currently but by all means impart your input on us if you wish. The sport is lacking the volume of apps that other sports have but hopefully the ones we have documented in this article can provide you with some interesting articles, results and stats over the rest of the season.

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