What Is Your Preferred Long Pass?

The long pass is one of the most effective ways of moving the rugby ball about on the pitch and changing the point of attack.

As part of it's support for Rugby World Cup Allianz is running a pass around the world competition, where people are encouraged to join in a pass around the world by filming their own rugby pass. The passes are uploaded to www.passaroundtheworld.com, where they are linked together to create one big long pass.

There is plenty of opportunity to be creative in your film, varying the location, setting and style.

A few people have already adopted an old time favourite of ours, as often practiced in real matches by Leicester Tigers duo Les Cusworth and Dusty Hare, where one player would cross field kicks to the other, achieving a distance not possible to anyone without a quaterbacks throwing arm (and a hand big enough to spear throw a rugby ball, considerably harder than an american football).

With Allianz leveraging in their wide sporting connections who knows if you might have your uploaded pass next to a famous sports star, though we note that Lewis Hamilton is already in.

And finally as if you needed more inducement you could win £150 to spend at Ticketmaster or one of many other rugby related prizes on offer. So grab a ball and pass your smarthpone to a friend to record and upload your own long pass (then double your chances by swapping over roles).


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