It doesn't come much bigger than Saracens v Tigers at Wembley

Saracens play Leicester Tigers at Wembley Stadium in the Aviva Premiership

Saracens play Leicester Tigers at the home of the FA, Wembley Stadium this Saturday.

It doesn’t come much bigger than this weekend’s fixture of playing Leicester Tigers at Wembley.

There’s a good rivalry between the two sides and the national football stadium is a fantastic place to play at.

We all feel lucky that we are part of a club that pushes the boundaries and gives us these big games on the big stage.

Last year, we were able to break the club world record crowd for a league game at Wembley when 83,761 saw our match with Harlequins in March last season.

It might be tough to get near that figure this time around because there have only been a couple of months to sell the fixture.

But the club always put on a good show with entertainment and, as players, us and our families get looked after very well indeed.

Other entertainment and competitions at Saracen v Leicester Tigers Wembley match.

Saracens have entertainment and a big competition planned for the Wembley Stadium match.

The playing field is of amazing quality as well. Last year, they arranged for us to have a couple of games of football on the pitch in the build-up which left some lads very excited indeed, as you can imagine.

Unfortunately, however, the standard of play was not up to what the pitch might usually expect and I think there was one goal scored in three matches!

There are quite a few of us at Sarries who are Manchester United fans and we are currently giving our chief executive Ed Griffiths some serious stick.

He is a super-keen Arsenal fan and his club have just lost probably their best player to us in Robin van Persie.

Wembley will be one of a couple of places this season that we will call home for a week as we wait until our new stadium in Barnet is fully operational.

It doesn’t bother us playing in different grounds. We have never been a team that has a problem playing away from home.

We will begin training at our Allianz Park ground from November onwards and that will be interesting getting used to the artificial pitch.

They have been used in American football for ages and so it will be good to see what it’s like every week.

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