No skiing for Sarries scrum-half

No skiing for Sarries scrum-half

No skiing for professional rugby players like Richard Wigglesworth

One of the good things about playing for Saracens is that, as players, we have a good idea of when we are going to be given some time off during the season.

I have a break coming soon and, with a young family, it will nice to spend some time with them in a job where I do a lot of travelling.

Being forewarned of breaks gives us a bit of time to have a look at getting away somewhere if we fancy it too.

Apart from those four weeks in the summer when most English players know their holiday time is coming, this is not the best job for planning ahead.

That can be tough for wives, girlfriends and children.

I remember last year, we had booked to go away to France. Saracens owner Nigel Wray had leant me his house in France for a week and the whole of extended family were looking forward to a cracking time.

Then, just before we were due to go, I got selected for the England v Barbarians game at Twickenham and that was the end of that for my holiday plans.

Of course, being able to play such a great sport professionally means that you just have to deal with it for a few years. It's not like I will be playing rugby until I am 65.

But one thing I will be doing when I finally hang up my boots will be to book a skiing holiday.

I used to ski when I was younger and I miss it. It's an amazing experience.

It is not the best sport in the world if you are trying to stay injury-free, however, and so most rugby lads go nowhere near a slope while they are playing for a living.

I did have a little reminder of what good fun it was though when Saracens went to Dubai last March.

We went to Ski Dubai - a huge skiing and snowboarding complex in the middle of the desert.

I was just coming back from ACL injury, back running and was desperate to get up there so I told everyone I could snowboard - thinking skiing might be a bit too risky.

In actual fact, it was my first ever go on one!

There was about 10 of us up there spending a few hours either whizzing down the slopes or sat, crumpled in a heap on the way down.

It was brilliant fun and a real laugh.

I'm going to have another go after that experience - just not for a while yet.

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