Christmas jumper

Richard Wigglesworth, Saracens scrum-half.

We have got our own version of Secret Santa at Saracens this Christmas - Secret Jumpers.

It’s the same principle but with Christmas jumpers.

The draw has been made and we will all give and receive our gifts after Saturday’s game at Bath.

Needless to say that we are all looking forward to it. There are few things in life funnier than seeing your mates’ embodying the cool of a festive sweater!

I’m taking mine to a different level and the lucky recipient will have a night to remember.

I’m cheating really because I have done it before when I was at Sale Sharks and I got Sean Cox in the Christmas draw.

I went to TKMaxx and got the most hideous jumper I could find, then went to another shop and bought those battery-powered Christmas fairy lights.

With the help of Mrs W – in fact, with lots of help from Mrs W – I spent the night sewing the lights onto the jumper. We also used paper clips in parts to finish the look.

I have done the same this year and it looks equally as good. I can’t say who I have got in the draw but I can guarantee them a good night with flashing lights coming from their sweater. I hope for their sake that they are not the shy and retiring type!

I am looking forward to Christmas this year. My eldest child is coming up to two-and-a-half and she is starting to realise what it is all about.

We finish training at lunchtime on Christmas Eve when me and the other northern lads will be heading off home and praying there are no hold-ups on the motorway.

I already know one present I am getting. My mum has brought me and Mrs W a ‘throw’ for the bed. Sometimes, it’s hard to hide your disappointment – even at Christmas!

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