Pre-Season Rugby Training in the Algarve

Pre-Season Rugby Training in the Algarve

We found ourselves in the Algarve this summer. It was red hot. So what was the best thing to do in that sort of heat? That’s right? A ‘Strong Man’ competition!

We were in pairs and did things like strap tyres on rope around our waists and chase each other.


You had to try and catch you partner up.

Unfortunately, if you lost, it wasn’t a case of being chucked out of the competition, you just had a black marker against your name and a new partner took you on the next day.

The one man we all wanted to avoid was Michael Claassens. That man is so fit and never looks like he is putting any effort in whatsoever. He can be running at full pelt but his face has the look of a man who seems to just be going for a stroll. He is a wonder of medical science.

It wasn’t all work, work, work though. We watched a fair bit of the Tour de France, ate some nice meals as a group and myself, Danny Hipkiss, Mark McMillan and Tom Biggs went out on one of those speedboat-powered inflatable bananas.

It was an absolutely amazing experience. We strode up thinking it would be a piece of piss considering we were all big, strong rugby players but I promise you, we were hanging on for dear life at one stage. The guy in the speedboat really cranked it up and staying on that thing was one of the hardest tasks of pre-season!

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