Budding Rock Stars of Bath Rugby

I am not sure many Bath fans know this but our club has six potential rock stars in its midst.

One of the hardest things about leaving Leicester, a club I had been at all of my life, was the sad
passing of the band I was in.

We were called Slo Progress. The name worked in two ways. Firstly, the founding members were
me, former team mate Ollie Smith and a friend of our called Lewis Cunningham. Sam, Lewis,

And also, for the fact that our progress was slow. Very slow at times in fact. If I was a proper rock
star, I would have sacked Ollie.

We had guest appearances at times from the likes of George Chuter, Ayoola Erinle and Dan Hipkiss.
We even did the odd gig. Mainly for charity. Probably because nobody would actually hire us.

Well Dan and I have been reunited this season at Bath – we both rate ourselves as
singers...sorry ‘vocalists’ and guitarists. I am just a bit better than Dan at both!

The two of us, along with Nathan Catt, Guy Mercer, Nick Scott and Matt Carraro take our guitars
to Farleigh House every Monday and Tuesday – our busiest and longest days of the week – and we
have a jamming session in our down time.

There is actually a room in our new training facility called “The Music Room”. It has a piano in it too.
In between practice sessions, we like to relax by playing a few songs.

Flanker Carl Fearns got his nickname of Buble because he kept coming in and asking us to play this
and that song – and everyone was by Michael bloody Buble!

We play lots of Oasis and the new boys who have just started, learn Everybody Hurts by REM and
Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison.

It’s obviously for other people to say how good we are but when we first start jamming, there
areusually 10 or 12 of the squad in there relaxing. By the time we finish, it’s usually just us.

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