Good Life At Bath

There have been some sad and moving moments in the Vesty household recently.

I decided to rear some chickens to keep in the garden in a “Good Life” sort of way.

I built the pen, got them settled, fed them and watered them. You should see me in my wellies. No wonder I am such a catch.

They have been producing a good crop of eggs too.

Every morning, I send my eldest boy, Harry, out to the coop to let them out of their hutch and have a run around in the garden. He collects the eggs, brings them inside and earns his pocket money.

The other morning, he came trotting back in from his daily trip.

“Are they all out?” I asked.

“All but one Dad,” he replied.

“Oh yeah...what’s she doing?” I said.

“I don’t think she wants to come out today Dad,” he answered. “She’s just lying on her side and not moving at all!”

Another chuck departed us soon after too. I think they both just got ill.

Hopefully, I will be able to get over the bitter losses in time to help Bath win at Gloucester this weekend.

It will probably be the biggest test of our season so far.

They got hammered by Harlequins last weekend with a 42-6 scoreline that nobody saw coming.

They will be desperate to get back on track and, in front of their home fans, they rarely lose.

We are in a good place though. The squad is largely fit and healthy, we are third in the Aviva Premiership table and playing some good stuff.

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