Rock Star Plan Gets Ringing Endorsement

I was on Sky Sports’ Rugby Club a few years ago telling anyone who would listen that I would love to be a rock star.

Last week, I met my first real hip hop star and we got on like a house on fire.

I caught the train straight after our win over London Irish and was on my way to meet my family on the south coast.

I asked this bloke I was sitting near to look after my bag while I went to the toilet and when I came back, he saw the Bath Rugby sign on it and started asking me what I did.

When he told me that he was into his music, we got chatting.

His name was ‘O.D.’ and his latest release “My Town” is available on iTunes. He also told me that it had just won an award.

He showed me the video for his single on You Tube and said he had a great time filming it in London, where he is from.

He was really interesting. He was telling me that his belief in music is that you have to tell a story as you make a record.

All I am usually bothered about is holding a note.

We had a drink together and he carried on telling me about the business.

After he had reeled off all that he had achieved in the industry, I plucked up the courage to ask a question.

“Do you want to hear my single?” I said.

Myself and fellow Living Rugby blogger Dan Hipkiss have recently recorded a song called “Bad Job”. Danny sings, I play guitar. I had a copy on my phone.

He was up for a listen. I played it him and, as I waited with baited breath, he said: “Yeah, that is pretty good man.”

So that’s it. Forget coaching or management when I stop playing, a career in the music industry might finally be on the cards with O.D.’s ringing endorsement in my ears.

We host Aviva Premiership pacesetters Quins on Saturday. I guess we will know where we are this season come the final whistle.

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