Rugby Stars Turn On Lights

I have been lucky enough to be a professional rugby player all of my working life but I think I have finally made it to the big time.

I was asked to switch on the Bath Christmas lights.

Think of all the big names that have been asked to do such a thing around the country at this festive time.

I can dine out on this in retirement.

When I say “I was  asked”, that is technically true...but so were four other members of the squad. Oh, and Lewis Moody.

Myself, Dan Hipkiss, Nathan Catt, Dave Attwood and Stuart Hooper all went to the centre of the city for our big moment.

To be honest, let’s just say that we were not the main attraction.

As we were getting ready to go out and do the biz, the PA was telling a crowd of some 4,000 people: “Ladies and gentlemen, Lewis Moody will soon be here – along with other members of the Bath squad.”

Moodos was late for a change. 

Infact, as we were 30 seconds away from the planned switch on, he still wasn’t there and was, allegedly, stuck in traffic.

We couldn’t keep the crowd waiting and were literally seconds away from going out and doing it ourselves without Lewis when Annie, his wife, said that he would be two minutes.

Of course, we waited, the band played another song and, eventually, he arrived to great acclaim and on they went. The lights themselves were typically Bath - very tasteful.

Actor John Cleese was there too and was, I dare say it, an even bigger attraction than Moodos – as hard as that is to believe!

We did a good job on the pitch in last weekend’s Heineken Cup game against Montpellier that we simply had to win.

We played some really good rugby in the opening 30 minutes and threw the ball around well.

They came back into it after the break but we dug in and earned our victory. They were a seriously big bunch of blokes. I mean massive.

Geech told us afterwards: ‘You showed how good you can be in the first half and you showed how much you wanted it in the second half.”

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