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Dowload the version of the ebook and access some support documents on the drive at this link.

Go direct to the iBooks version of the file (for iPad) at this link.

Go direct to the PDF version of the file (for other tablets, ebook readers, phones and computers) at this link.

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Ed said...

21 January 2013 07:49,

Here is some advice on loading an iBooks file to an iPad via iTunes:

If recipients get the .ibooks file on a Mac or Windows PC, they simply need to drag the file onto the Library section of the Sidebar in iTunes or load it into iTunes by choosing File→Add to Library or pressing Command+O. When the iPad syncs to the computer, the e-book is transferred to the iPad and is available in the iBooks app like any other e-book. If the e-book still doesn’t appear in iBooks, follow these steps:

Open iTunes.

Select the iPad in the Devices section of the iTunes Sidebar.

Go to the Books pane.

If it’s not already selected, select the Sync Books option.

Select the All Books option.

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