Banter Part of Rugby Culture

Banter Part of Rugby Culture

Everyone brings something to the table on the banter front.

Dan Bowden is someone who just never stops chatting and Paul Hodgson is hugely energetic as well.

Day-in day-out you get that banter, and it’s always amusing.

There’s obviously more of it if you’re playing well and winning and can be proud of performances, but everyone’s in good spirits right now and that’s rubbing off on that front.

Jonathan Spratt came back from our recent week’s training break with blonde highlights, and then he got one of his teeth knocked out in the first training session.

So if you couple bleached blonde hair with a tooth missing…he’s been an easy target!

I get a bit of banter for my extravagant shoe taste for example, so it comes around as much as it goes around.

Fluorescent yellow, fluorescent orange, blue, anything that’s loud and bold, I love it.

And clearly the lads are like moths to a flame on that.

It’s all part of the culture of a rugby club, so it would be weird if it wasn’t there, and the lads enjoy winding each other up.

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