Finishing On A High

Finishing On A High

We were able to throw the ball about a bit last weekend and play a free-flowing style of rugby.

It paid off as we managed a win over Worcester at Sixways: and hopefully it will again in our last game of the season against Gloucester.

We cannot qualify for the Heineken Cup, and we cannot be relegated – but that does not mean the last game is not important.

But there is certainly an element of being able to try a few more things, to see if they come off or not and whether they are worth exploring again for next season.

It’s exciting from a back’s point of view, because hopefully it means we’ll get some more ball, and be able to give the fans a good show.

We’ve got several long-serving players leaving at the end of the season – and we really want to give them a good send-off.

The likes of Nick Kennedy, Bob Casey and Delon Armitage have been at the club for a very long time, and when players and personalities of that gravity leave then it is only natural that there’s a bit of a change coming.

It will be intriguing to see how all of that turns out, but those of us who will be here next year are looking forward to what is shaping up as a very exciting time.

It won’t take long for our new recruits to settle in, we’ll make them very welcome of course, and it could be a very good year.

For now though, it’s all about finishing on a high.

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