We Are In The Entertainment Business

We Are In The Entertainment Business

Everyone has been asking if I got into trouble for my back-flip celebration after scoring a try against Leicester.

I'm happy to say I didn't get a dressing-down, and probably because the celebration was after I had scored.

I think if I had tried to do something like that while trying to ground the ball, there would have been words!

We’re competing in this league to win matches, but we’re also in the entertainment business to be honest.

So I just thought it would be another way of entertaining the fans.

It was our St Patrick’s Day celebration match, it was a seriously tight game and I’d just scored a try I was massively pleased about.

I first realised I could do a back-flip when I was at school.

I was using a trampoline and gave it a go – but the first time you try it you have to have the guts to flip your head round and trust you can land.

At least giving it a go on a trampoline would have softened the blow, but to be fair it worked and then I knew I could do it.

We ran the Tigers really close in that game and could definitely have won.

But while it was a big disappointment not to close out the win we were at least pleased with our performance, in that we played the way we want to.

We produced width and incision, and we had opportunities.

It was fairly different from our game against Exeter at the weekend just gone.

We never really got into our natural game, but we still had chances to win the match.

And that’s what we should have done.

We have a bit of time now to prepare for our next game, against Saracens.

It will be a huge test because they are such a great side.

But we are still convinced we can be a team that can beat anyone in the league, and now we’ve got to get back to that.

The odd barbecue has been rolled out given the warmer weather, but the sun has not had anyone thinking of the beach and the summer break – we’ve still got plenty of work to do.

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