Hunger to be at top of rugby game returns

Tom Varndell is hungry to reach top glories again.

I have been going through some old stash this week and it reminded me of some good times in the game.

It’s great how old memorabilia triggers memories of certain times in your life.

I am glad that I have kept most of my good stuff because I am about as far away from a traditional hoarder as you could imagine. I throw everything away if it doesn’t mean anything to me.

But as far as rugby stash is concerned, if it means something to me, I make sure I hang on to it.

I have always kept any awards that I have won and my first Leicester Tigers shirt is also a treasured possession. It was a home game at Welford Road against Gloucester and I remember it fondly.

Of course my first England shirt is something I treasure dearly and so is my Hong Kong Sevens shirt representing my country.

They are things I will be keeping forever.

Maybe if I ever get a testimonial, I will auction off some of my other stuff for charity but those things are the ones I will always have.

The search through my old stuff served another purpose than simply rekindling some old memories.

Seeing old England shirts and Premiership-winning medals has certainly added to my hunger to get back to the very top of the game.

I’d love to win another league trophy and I would also dearly love to wear an England shirt once more.

Playing at his best is about more than scoring tries says Varndell

Playing at his best means consistent form and more than just scoring tries says Tom Varndell

At the start of what I see as a big season for me, I wanted to play lots of rugby and be consistent in my form. That meant not just scoring tries and playing well but implementing other parts of my game that I have been working on in pre-season.

So far, things have been going well and if I can stay clear of the injuries that have hung around like a bad smell over the last 18 months, I am hopeful that this could be a good season.

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